Official NZRDL Safety Car

Honda Safety Car
The official New Zealand Racing Drivers League Honda CR-Z Safety Car – which will be available to officials at all of our race meetings – is the official Safety Car for the Honda Cup and has been kindly provided by Honda New Zealand

The car runs high grip Hankook dot-rated tyres on road and also on track for Safety and Pace car duties, and more often than not runs in its sport mode option – one of three modes available to the driver. The steering, ride and handling of the Honda CR-Z are recognised as being superb. This is a car that communicates intimately, responds eagerly and is happy to adapt to multiple cornering styles.

Thanks to the grippy tyres the CR-Z sticks tighter at the front end, permitting higher corner entry speed than before. Yet no front-wheel-drive car currently on sale dances between its axles quite like the CR-Z.

Powerful, nippy, comfortable for marshals and superb at negotiating its way around the circuit, the CR-Z is a great choice for the NZRDL on the track, and a perfect ride home afterwards!

Honda Safety Car honda-safety-car-2-350