2K Cup

– the stepping stone from track days to race days

2K Cup Style cars “Run what ya brung” – immortal words at club racing level and in essence what the 2K Cup is all about.

The philosophy is an easy one – get a road registered car for $2,000 (or a little more if it has a cage) and learn how to race in the friendly and low pressure/low cost environment of the 2K Cup.

The rules are designed for the wallet conscious. Only brake pads and shocks can be changed to improve performance. You can spend as much as you like on safety and whilst the rules do permit competition between road registered cars, we recommend you take safety very seriously. We will be.

On track ANY contact will result in all drivers involved being black flagged. It’s a fun environment, one to learn in and one which could be either the start of your motor sport career or just an opportunity to ‘dabble’ in the sport.

If you want to go racing cheaply, drive to the circuit and drive home in the car and learn the skills of racing in a clean and well-policed environment, then the 2K Cup is the one for you.

Oh, and if you are thinking about buying that hot hatch that’s really worth $6,000 from your sister and getting her to write you a receipt for $2,000 – think again. 2KCup has a list of eligible cars

All the info you need is at www.2kcup.co.nz