Rotary Race Enthusiasts


If it’s got a rotary motor and you want to race it – then this is the class for you.

RRE is a new class set up by long-time rotary stalwart Graeme Hill and run with the NZRDl and V8 SuperTourers.  The category offers turbocharged and normally aspirated classes for the drivers. Any MSNZ-compliant rotary-powered vehicle from a relatively standard club level racing car to a highly modified garage special that may or may not have started life with rotary power will be eligible and encouraged to run.

Rotary-powered vehicles have been used in nearly all forms of motorsport in New Zealand over the years from motorcycles and even jet sprint boats as well as circuit racing and rallying, where there has been a strong following going as far back as the 1970s when the power-to-weight ratio benefits of the rotary powerplant were first realised. Hill hopes to attract all vintage of vehicles to the race weekends, with the racing and the community the sole focus.

The rule book is simple and the main objective is to get rotary people out racing and competing in their machinery.  Series 1 RX7 cars which are now 30 plus years old, mix in the class with RotaryRacingEnthusiasts_HR_Colour-150RX2 and RX3 vehicles all of a similar age. There are newer RX7 models, mid 1990s, some RX8s and a sprinkling of non-Mazda chassis with rotary powerplants.