There can be little doubt Superkarts are a unique phenomenon in motor sport – wherever they run.

Superkarts are a form of motor racing based around a racing vehicle sized like a kart but with several characteristics more strongly associated with open-wheel racing cars.

The most obvious difference between a Superkart and any other form of kart is that they have full aerodynamic bodykits and can race on car circuits over 1,500 metres in length. The power unit, most often, but not exclusively two stroke 250 cc engines, can be specially designed kart engines or production motorcycle engines with either five or six-speed sequential gearboxes.

This gives them a mighty top speed. Cornering power more like a formula car comes from a Superkart’s aerodynamic bodywork which includes a front fairing, larger side pods, and a rear wing. They also use mini slicks which give superb grip.

The reality is that the 250 cc Superkarts running in the last three NZRDL events will more oftenthan not set faster lap times than much more expensive and technically advanced racing machines.

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